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#1 Voted For Local Professional Christmas Lighting: Holiday Lighting NY

Christmas comes quicker each year, but you can be prepared with the help of Holiday Lighting NY. If you want to create a beautiful Christmas lighting display for your Pittsford home or business this year, let us handle it all. Our team works closely with each client to get the exact lighting display you were dreaming about. We are one of the best professional Christmas lighting companies in Pittsford and are proud to serve this community. Call us today at 585-888-3076 to learn more about our Christmas lighting services or to ask any questions about our Pittsford area company.

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Cities We Install Christmas Lighting

Below is a list of service areas where we provide Christmas lighting installation services. Feel free to call us if you don't see your area listed below. Our lighting installation experts are here to provide you with superb service for your Pittsford area home. Feel free to ask us any questions about our services by calling 585-888-3076.

The Pros Of Hiring A Professional For Christmas Lighting

Do not spend another holiday season struggling with old Christmas lights. At Holiday Lighting NY, you can get your home's best Christmas lighting display without the struggle and frustration typically involved. A professional Christmas lighting company handles every part of the process, including planning, installation, maintenance, take-down, and storage. All you need to do is enjoy the extraordinary lighting display and brag to your neighbors! No more replacing individual bulbs or seeking out the burnt-out light in a whole string of Christmas lights. Holiday Lighting NY will handle all those frustrating aspects, and you can spend more time with your family and friends this holiday season.

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Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation

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Removal & Storage

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Want All Year Lighting? Check Out Our Outdoor Lighting Services

Holiday Lighting NY provides a full range of lighting services beyond Christmas lighting. If you are interested in lighting for the entire year, call us today to discuss your options. Our team will help you plan a great outdoor space with bright, top-quality lights. Our outdoor lighting options range from simple pathway lights to permanent Christmas lighting setups.

Hiring a professional lighting company is the best way to install outdoor lighting. We understand the intricate parts of electrical wiring and know how to set up durable, long-lasting lighting systems. Many times in the past, we have been called to help out a client who is stuck in the middle of a DIY project. We admire anyone who puts their mind to improving their property, but we have the expertise and equipment to complete every project efficiently and correctly.

Permanent Lighting Installation

Holiday Lighting Tips

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    Do not make your employees handle the holiday lighting display on your commercial business this year. You will end up with more problems than it is worth. Instead, a professional holiday light installation company can make the process simple. They will handle the hard work of […]

  • Reasons To Invest In Outdoor Lighting

    Investing in outdoor lighting may seem like a big decision, but adding lights to your home has numerous benefits. Outdoor lighting can make a big difference to the attractiveness of your home, plus make your house safer and more secure. Whether you want to add permanent […]

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Our team at Holiday Lighting NY works diligently to promptly put up your Christmas lighting. You want to have a lot of time during the holiday season to enjoy them. We aim to get your lights up without a hassle and take them down without issue at the end of the holidays. When you hire us for Christmas lighting installation, you can avoid the hassle and potential risk of putting up lights by yourself.

At Holiday Lighting NY, designing a grand holiday display is our goal for each one of our clients. We want to make your home look incredible for the holidays with excellent Christmas lighting. Our team will work with you to design a display that matches your aesthetic or theme. We also install and take down all the lights for you. All you need to worry about is enjoying and sharing the cool lights with your neighbors!

Yes, not only do we put up your lights for the holidays, but we also take them down after Christmas has passed. You can schedule a time with us at the beginning of the season to ensure the lights are taken down and properly stored. Our team always works efficiently to safely take all the lights around Pittsford down and pack them away for next year. You will not even have time to think about taking the lights down on your own!

When you choose a professional Christmas lighting installation company like Holiday Lighting NY, you also get expert light maintenance. One of the most frustrating parts of putting up lights during the holidays is ensuring they work every year. Our team checks the lights before placing them around your home. Plus, we are just a phone call away if there is an issue before the festive season ends. That peace of mind makes us an excellent choice for your Pittsford Christmas light installation.

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